Big fan of Edie Parker clutches… I mean, acrylic & glitter? It’s wearable art! If possible, I’ve become an even bigger fan since coming across founder and designer, Brett Heyman’s NYC pad in the online pages of Vogue. I am so in love with her Yves Klein Table Rose (only costs more than my car) and those distressed mirrored closet doors!

stylekoo // edie parker

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All images via Vogue



Wow, it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted… I am getting pretty lazy over here! Actually it’s hard to find the time some days/weeks.

Here’s yet another fabulous interior featured on Vogue – the home of Camilla Freeman-Topper, the woman behind fashion label Camilla and Marc. So girly with hints of edge and I love the pops of neon here and there!

All images via Vogue

I love that small skull painting in the last photo!


Another amazing home featured on Vogue… here is the home of Kyle DeWoody, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Grey Area (you must check out her shop here… very cool!!). So yeah, she is 27. You wanna imagine having a shop and house (in NYC) like this at 27? I gotta get to work…

All images via Vogue

I love the living room with the pink area rug. Which is your favourite room?


interior of the week // nicole hanley mellon

Love the acrylic accents, wild carpet, and eclectic art in Nicole Hanley Mellon’s home featured on Vogue. And that kids’ room is super cute!! Open spaces can really make a difference… gives you the opportunity to have a lot of ‘stuff’ without looking cluttered. It also does hurt that Mellon has such nice ‘stuff’!!

You loving it too?