Big fan of Edie Parker clutches… I mean, acrylic & glitter? It’s wearable art! If possible, I’ve become an even bigger fan since coming across founder and designer, Brett Heyman’s NYC pad in the online pages of Vogue. I am so in love with her Yves Klein Table Rose (only costs more than my car) and those distressed mirrored closet doors!

stylekoo // edie parker

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All images via Vogue



Hello friends. How many of you from the Great White North are as excited as I am about Target coming our way? One popped up close to our place a few months ago and I love stopping by to browse. I especially love all the Nate Berkus home products! Black & Gold… Can’t go wrong!! Here are my favourites…

nate berkus for target // stylekoo

I hear there’s a new Target in my home town (Kanata, WHAT?!) that opened just yesterday! Who is headed there this week?


So my sister and I were talking rugs the other day… she wants a new one for her living room to make it a comfortable place to gather since they don’t often use the space but would like to start. So, I suggested this Moroccan Shag rug… similar to the beautiful but expensive Beni Ourain rugs but very affordable. And guess what? IT’S 75% OFF TODAY!!!! Let’s do this, sis.

Image via Rugs USA

Here is the look:

Image via Design in Bloom… ummmmmm…. side note, is that a gold sequin wall? amazing!

Image via Amber Interior Design

Image via Pinterest

Image via Honestly WTF

Image via La Maison D’Anna G.

Image via Desire to Inspire

These Beni Ourain rugs can cost upwards of $5000!! I don’t know about you but that ain’t in my price range… get the Moroccan Shag for less than $350 while the sale is on!!


I’m a big fan of the malachite trend happening right now…

Image via Full House

Image via Little Green Notebook

Image via New York Time Magazine

Look at this wallpaper from Maison Luxe

Image via Mary McGee Interiors

Image via Bjorn’s Random Tumblr

Here are some things you can get to malachite up your house…

1. Wastebasket, Nest Interiors; 2. Tray, Honeymoon at Home; 3. Mirror, 1st Dibs; 4. Console Table, 1st Dibs; 5. Chairs, 1st Dibs; 6. Pillow, Society Social; 7. Screen, 1st Dibs; 8. Lamps, 1st Dibs; 9. Box, 1st Dibs; 10. Sheets, HSN

Oh, and you must check out this awesome DIY faux malachite box by Jessica from The Aestate!

Nice, eh? I’ve got to try this!!


I am really slacking on here, aren’t I? Sometimes life can get so busy it’s hard to find a minute. And last week was the worst! All of us took a turn with the flu and it was nasty!! Now that fall is upon us, I’m hoping I’ll have more time to work on the blog:)

Anywho… here are some amazeballs pics of rooms decorated by Pal + Smith. I love their use of textures, colours and prints.

Oh and Pal+Smith has a great collection of furniture – check it out here. I want this…