Big fan of Edie Parker clutches… I mean, acrylic & glitter? It’s wearable art! If possible, I’ve become an even bigger fan since coming across founder and designer, Brett Heyman’s NYC pad in the online pages of Vogue. I am so in love with her Yves Klein Table Rose (only costs more than my car) and those distressed mirrored closet doors!

stylekoo // edie parker

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All images via Vogue



We don’t have a coffee table. I want one real bad but the hubs thinks it doesn’t make sense to spend money on one right now with such a small space and the little ones running around… gives the kids more room to play and less things to knock off another surface. That does’t stop me from daydreaming about having one!! I love seeing the perfectly styled coffee table!! Here are some of my favourites…

Image via Lonny Mag

Image via Design Darling

Image via House & Home

Image via Vogue

Image via The EveryGirl

Image via Better Homes & Garden

Image via Vogue

Flowers, books and trinkets, Oh my!

interior of the week // devon radziwill

Check out this amazing loft… perfect mix of masculine and feminine (and by perfect I mean letting your hubby buy a pool table or xbox while you use the remaining space to decorate your butt off)!! I need to find that coffee table and I love that fantastic, huge, colourful painting. My sister and I were literally just talking about finding a coffee table that shows off books and decor without having to forfeit table top space… I have to find one like this.

All images via Vogue photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank

You in love too?