In the hopes it will help me to overcome some of my fears, achieve goals, realize dreams and find fun ways to to spend more time with my family and friends, I’ve decided to start a life list. It’s all about experiences. So many times I have said ‘I want to do that one day’ but then I sort of forget about it or never find the time for it.

Image via Nay Nay Blog

I know it’s a lot and I may not be able to afford everything on my list but here it goes…

see my hubby get transferred to Ottawa (number 1!)
have 4 babies (2 down, 2 to go)
start a business
get a tattoo
take my kids to Disney World
own a vintage chanel purse
flip a house
say ‘i do’
go on a real honeymoon
go to vegas
start a charity
throw a block party
see the Northern Lights
own land
run the New York City marathon
go go-carting
start yoga
surprise my hubby with a motorcycle
ride the Rocky Mountaineer
smash a piñata
go on a wine tour
go on a 10-day juice cleanse
wear a bikini with confidence (in other words, get into shape!)
own a cottage
take my kids to FAO Schwarz in NYC
try eating vegan for a month
run a half marathon in under 2 hours
no elevators for a month (23 floors to my office… eek!)
drive across Canada
watch my kids play sports
coach Charlie’s ringette team
take an ocean front vacation with Randy and the kids
restore a piece of furniture
be debt free (even if it’s just for a month… or day)
own a house with a ManDen
own a house with my own home office
own a house with a hot-tub
own a house with a sauna
start a baseball team (beer league) with all my old friends from high school
do 1000 different DIY/home improvement projects
sleep on a yacht
paint a mural
go to a fashion show
see the Ellen Show live
complete an ironman
watch the Ottawa Senators win the Stanley Cup
climb a mountain (higher than Mont Tremblant!)
do something spectacular for someone
go camping
go whale watching
learn to play tennis
learn to play squash
write a book (even if nobody reads it)
go on a cruise
take surfing lessons
go on an African Safari
go to the Calgary Stampede
decorate a room and have it featured in a magazine
do a fun photoshoot of my kids and blow up pictures of them
have a backyard movie night
go to a comedy show
be ‘to-do-list’ free (not because I didn’t make one, but because everything is finished! even if it’s just for one day)
try a beer from 100 different countries (is this even possible??)
make my kids Halloween costumes
bake a 3 tier cake
build a treehouse
host a fabulous baby shower
own a collection of original art (at least 10 pieces)
take a road trip down the West Coast
drive in a muscle car

I plan on continuing to add to my Life List as well as cross things off as I accomplish them. Have you thought of making a Life List? What do you want to do …


5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. This is a fantastic list!! I would love to see you say “I do”, and I pray that Randy gets back to Ottawa. Two more beautiful grandchildren would be fantastic, and to see them all in Disney, omg!!

  2. I daresay you’ve already accomplished some/many of these Alia. Very great and very inspiring … now I’d better get busy!!

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