My friends Mara and Eric are expecting their first wee little bebe! YAY!! They are going to wait to find out the sex of the baby, so for now they are calling this peanut Bob (Baby On Board). I’m not sure how they are going not make it through the entire pregnancy without caving!! I know I couldn’t… we found out as soon as we could. I have zero patience. In fact, I’m tempted to ask Mara and Eric to come along to their next appointment so I can find out!  Here’s some neutral nursery inspiration for them to get prepped…

Eicho Crib, Amazon
Rocking Zebra, Your Rocking Horse Shop
Love You Night Light, Owly Shadow Puppets
Pug Hug, Urban Outfitters
Magical Thinking Arrowhead Rug, Urban Outfitters
Hemnes Dresser, Ikea
Bidiboo Mobile, Fab Baby Gear
Harry Allen Piggy Bank, Nova68
Jewel Knob, Urban Outfitters
LED Pendant Lamp, Ikea
Aquarius Zodiac Pillow, Jonathan Adler
All you Need Is Love Print, Say It Again Design
Love Print, Made By Girl

Love you guys and can’t wait to meet Bob!!



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