So here is my late night creation… I think I could have made this much nicer if I weren’t so impatient but it was incredibly easy to make. I’m sure most of you have seen the crayon art  floating around the web (example here)… well I tried something very similar but instead of glueing the crayons to the top of the canvas, I just held them while melting with my blow dryer (which is now stained every colour of the rainbow). Absolutely no method to this madness… just melt away!

Here it is…

Kinda fun, right? Now, where to put it??

Have a fantastic weekend! 


18 thoughts on “DIY // WAX ART

      1. That would be awesome! I can pay you. I love how cloud like it looks! Is that just how the crayons dispersed from the hair dryer, or did you use something to create that effect?

      2. No, it can be a ‘Welcome to the World’ gift! Just tell me what size and what colour little Kylie’s room will be : )

        I just moved the hairdryer around to make the wax go where I wanted. The crayons sprayed everywhere! You should have seen my fingers when I was finished!!

    1. That would be fantastic Alia! Thanks so much. I’m so excited to see the final piece one day. We’ll have to chat more about size and colours. I have no idea what size yet, but once Kylie has a bedroom of her own, I’d love to put it in there. I am thinking that I will eventually paint her room a very pale lilac and have whites and greys, but think a piece like this would just pop with colour and be perfect. So maybe, purples, pinks, pastel greens, turquoise, maybe even gold and silver? Whatever you think – I trust your taste (obviously!) 🙂

      1. do you have any more details on how you did this? I LOVE it and want to try to do it on a really large canvas, but don’t know how many crayons i need, and how close to hole them, etc.

      2. I used a pretty large canvas and only melted about 15 crayons. All I did was peel off the paper, hold the crayon against the canvas, and blow-dry. I just moved the crayon and blowdryer around to manipulate where the wax went… pretty simple and easy to figure out!! Good luck!

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