My Dad was always the first I went to for advice, I always felt safe growing up, he always put our interests first, he also drove our butts around town where ever the party was and would pick us up no matter how late the party ended. Our Dad is a fantastic role model – teaching us to be good to others, how to have empathy, great morals, how to be athletic and healthy, and the list goes on… And I know this is exactly how my kids feel about their wonderful dad!! We love you Dad!!

Father’s Day is just around the corner people. Here are some things your cool dude daddio might be interested in…

1. Leather iPhone 4 Case, J. Crew
2. Wayfarer, Ray-Ban
3. Ebony Poker Set, Zontik
4. Antique Clothing Brushes, Blackbird Vintage
5. Beer Making Kit, Brooklyn Brew Shop
6. Stag Horn Bottle Opener, Jack Spade
7. Basic Watch, Martin Patrick
8. X-Grill Folding Portable Grill, Home Depot
9. Ivan Media Case, Club Monaco

I’m excited to celebrate Father’s Day with my Dad this weekend… we are also celebrating his 60th birthday on Friday!!! What are you doing for Father’s Day?


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