national capital race weekend

Who else out there is running in the National Capital Race this weekend? WOOT WOOT RUNNERS!!! Dear God, I’m scared. For my birthday my parents bought me a race kit for the half marathon. Mom and Dad, I don’t know how to thank you… Will a kick in the shins do? KIDDING, this was an amazing gift! With my Mom as my coach and Dad as my babysitter, I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful parents, and I’m so glad I’m getting back into it!! So, in the final days before the race, I’m preparing as best I know how… by picking out my running outfit and stocking my iPod!! Oh, and I guess I’ll drink some H2O…

Daily Gym Bag, Lululemon
Nikeid Runners, Nike
Dawn Patrol Sunglasses, Maui Jim
Water Bobble, American Apparel
TechFit Zebra Tights, Adidas
Yoga Tank, Adidas
En Vue Hoodie, Aritzia
Running Garmin, Amazon

Good luck runners!!!


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