gift guide // momma’s day 2012

Listen up son’s, daughter’s, HUSBAND’S… Mother’s Day is coming up. One week from today. Here are some helpful hints to get you through the day. We Mother’s do not want the following gifts:

1. The newest vacuum or cleaning supplies. Not cool. We do not want to be reminded of the fact that we will always end up doing the majority of the housework… same goes for cookware, aprons, cookbooks, etc.

2. Exercise clothes, exercise equipment, workout videos, gym pass, etc. No need to remind us that our bodies have not yet tightened to our pre-baby size and this pretty much implies that you think we need to lose a few.

3. Breakfast in bed. UNLESS you plan on cleaning the kitchen after you cook & BEFORE we make our way down to the mess.

4. Mom tattoo… just no.

5. Makeup, anti-wrinkle cream, beauty supplies, etc… I think you get the point…

Here are some great gifts to show Mom the love:

1. Handbags! Moms love purses… Just like this Mini Party Messenger Bag available at Zara.

2. Flowers! As much as Mom used to tell Dad she didn’t like flowers when they started dating, she does. Just get them! Personally not a fan of roses or mixed bouquets… just head straight for the tulips or peonies boys… I mean kids…

3. Lockett Jewels. I love Nicky’s custom jewelry… you can have these beauties stamped with the kids initials!

4. Core Sample Stoppers, Anthropologie. I know this Mom loves wine… there’s no better way to cork those unfinished bottles with style!

5. Pink Chevron Frame, Furbish. With a picture of course… Anything Mom can put on her desks at work and be reminded of her beautiful family will get her through the day!

6. Special Mothers Card, Rifle Paper Co. I love all stationary by Rifle Paper Co. but I think home-made cards are especially special.

7. Nylon Stripe Lacey by Kate Spade. It’s the thought that counts, right? Well if you thought of Kate Spade then you’ll be in Mom’s good books for a while… anything Kate Spade will do!

8. Subscription to a fab magazine, like Elle Decor. Then leave Mom alone once a month for and hour or two to read it!

Since becoming a Mother 3 years ago, I can appreciate and understand the time, energy and love it takes to make your sweet babies happy, healthy, and safe. It makes me feel a little guilty for ever being a pain in the butt growing up because now I know, my Mom did everything with the best of intentions and because she loves us!

So, thank you Mom, for being the greatest Mom in the world to me and my sisters and for teaching me to be one! I have always appreciated you but have not fully understood the role of Mother until the last few years… you are an amazing person and you always put your children and grandchildren’s interests before your own! We love you so much for it!!!

Pass this along to anyone you think might need help finding something special for Mother’s Day! Anyone have any other great ideas?


9 thoughts on “gift guide // momma’s day 2012

  1. Thank you Alia. I have just received the best Mother’s Day gift of all, topping everything on your list. It is and always has been a pleasure to be your mother. I love you and your sisters and all my grand babies very much. xoxo

  2. way to make me tear up reading this Alia and Jane 🙂 So sweet and heartwarming. Also such great ideas Alia.

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