shop // victoire

I went for a nice walk down Wellington on my lunch break today and stopped by Victoire Boutique, a fabulous shop filled with (mostly Canadian made!) clothes, purses, shoes and best of all, jewelry!!

Images via Victoire Boutique

This store had so many things I would have loved to take home with me, but one product stood out to me most… the Sweet Nothings necklace by In God We Trust! So cute…

The writing is very delicate (I like how Victoire owners put it, “these necklaces are the perfect deviant accessory to wear around your near sighted grandmother/boss/pastor!”), so from left to right…

‘hot mess’
‘sweet tits’
‘talk to the hand’
‘big butt and a smile’
‘really fucking cute’
‘bless this mess’
‘one sick bitch’
‘lucky bitch’
‘let’s make out
‘willing and able’
‘eat a dick’

These made me laugh because a few of them reminded me of my girlfriends… when we finally tie the knot, these will make fantastic wedding party gifts for my maids!!


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