product love // sandals + polish

It’s that time of year again… time to book our pedicures!!! Love sandal season…

Delphine Beaded Wedge Sandals, Matt Bernson + Lapiz of Luxury by Essie
Bardot Colorblock Flat Sandals, Rebecca Minkoff + Mint Candy Apple by Essie
DV Archer Flat Sandals, Dolce Vita + Pink-a-Boo by Essie
Aine Flat Sandal, Tory Burch + Lights by Essie
Janee Haircalf Wedge Sandals, Diane von Furstenberg + Playdate by Essie

4 thoughts on “product love // sandals + polish

  1. I just did a polish change and wore peep toes for the first time this year yesterday! Love the Tory Burch sandats… Gold accents!

  2. Very nice, it is important to have colorful toes and shoes. Think of how many times a day we look down there, especially when the boss frowns at you. lol

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