interior of the week // devon radziwill

Check out this amazing loft… perfect mix of masculine and feminine (and by perfect I mean letting your hubby buy a pool table or xbox while you use the remaining space to decorate your butt off)!! I need to find that coffee table and I love that fantastic, huge, colourful painting. My sister and I were literally just talking about finding a coffee table that shows off books and decor without having to forfeit table top space… I have to find one like this.

All images via Vogue photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank

You in love too?


3 thoughts on “interior of the week // devon radziwill

  1. That is fantastic. I absolutely love it. What a great space and so nicely decorated. One question … Is there a bedroom or were the two white chaise chairs it?

  2. So birght and colorful. Those dishes are too pretty to eat from. I think this is what life should be about making your home, your space. Decorate to please yourself, not the neighbours. Hard to have a gloomy day in this space.

    1. Wow. The loft I’m moving into at the end of the month sure doesn’t look like this! Nor do my things! Just gorgeous.


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