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Good morning! I hope everyone had a fun filled St. Patrick’s Day… I went to an amazing wedding reception for an amazing couple and had quite the time!! And what perfect weather we are having here in Ottawa!!

Check out this post by my little fashionista sister Veronica… Enjoy!!!

Flower flower flower flower flower, the power of print. Love that she mixed two floral prints. Try it. But only if you are cool enough. JK, try it. (I was kind of serious about being cool enough.) Image via Garance Dore

Amazing red floral blouse. (Waaaant.) To edge out the floral, throw on some leathers. (Preferably faux, for our furry friends!) And the cherry on top- so to speak- is her hat! Very cool. Image via Lookbook

Anna Jane of See Jane looking classically beautiful and cute in her floral sundress. Image via See Jane

Jessica Alba rocking floral pants and colour blocks. You go, Glen Coco! Image via Fabsugar

Too warm for pants? That’s fine. Get legless pants! To my boyfriend’s horror, us girls could pretty much dress head-to-toe in floral. And when I say pretty much, I mean we can. We definitely can. Image via Pinterest

Cute!!! She looks good too. Image via Live Creating Yourself

Either someone meticulously did her nails, or these are stick-ons, like nail wallpaper. Either way, pretty fun. Image via Pinterest

Hop on the floral train, ya’ll! Choo Chooooooo…..

I could hold onto that. Get this Floral Print Clutch, MadebyGirl.

I have jeans just like these, so obviously they are very cool. Get them at Asos.

Try these comfortable looking Elizabeth and James silk shorts from Piperlime.

My sister is eyeing this bad boy. If you dig it, get your butt over to Aritzia.

Floral tank? I say, why not? You can purchase this puppy at Urban Outfitters.

Way cool. Thank you, Shopbop.

Get this little number at Net-a-Porter.

I could see myself doing a jig in these. Get these kicks at Urban Outfitters.


3 thoughts on “fashion // floral

  1. I love the floral tank from urban outfitters – better beat you to it Roni!! Great job – looking forward to more posts – you have great style!
    I wish I was Jessica Alba

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