decorating // wall of frame

I need to fix up my gallery wall (on the never ending, ever growing list of things to do). Here are some inspiring walls filled photography, art and typography.

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Simply Seleta

Image via Simply Seleta

Image via Style by Emily Henderson


Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Image via Elle Decor

Image via Decor8

Do you love the gallery wall look? I need more art!! 



5 thoughts on “decorating // wall of frame

  1. I attended a recent workshop at work where there were ideas on dealing with stress. The psychologist who was the facilitator told us that when you star at a picture of a scene that you love, which for me is a beach, your brain actually thinks you are there and you will feel great. So the importance of having pictures around you that take you to a special place can be very uplifting to your spirit. I love the picture galleries, as you know, I have one of my grandbabies that I stare at regularly, and it makes me feel super!!!!!! Love those babies!!!!

    1. That’s so true Ida!! I feel so much more comfortable and at home when the walls are files with beautiful images… most beautiful ones are of my babies of course!

      1. I got inspired by this post and made my own wall of art and want to share it here how can I send yo the photos?

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