product love // rugs

Carpet emergency… I have friends coming to town and my carpet looks horrible! I currently have this area rug in my family room – I love it, but it is totally impractical with these little munchkins running around. I find little milk spills and cheerios stuck to it… ugh. So, instead of getting on my hands and knees to clean clean clean, I’m cruisin’ the net looking for some other lovely rugs that may have hidden my children’s little treasures a little better.

Here’s mine…

Milliken Black and White Vibe Techno, Rugs Direct $319

Would these hide stains better???

Pink & Orange Lulu, Madeline Weinrib Atelier

Bargello, Vanderhurd

Wadi Teal, Decorative Carpets

Lotus, Decorative Carpets

Omega Blue, Decorative Carpets

And these are my favourite… Rug tiles from Flor!! If your kids make a mess that you can’t fix, just replace a tile! And you can make your rug any size you’d like… amazing.

More Rockin’ Pattern

Check them out here for more styles.

And by the way, I found MANY more amazing but impractical rugs for those of us with children (that I was totally tempted to send to checkout), so let me know if you non-baby peeps want me to post them.

AND, I just found this coupon for you baby peeps in the Ottawa area with the same problem!



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