decorating // glamorous dressing rooms

Not only am I jealous of these glamorous closet spaces, I am fully envious of the clothes and shoes that consume them. Let’s get serious, we all know that if you want your closet to look organized and clean it’s probably a better idea to create a more enclosed wardrobe type closet (which can also look very beautiful). However, if I had the space/money to have a full dressing room, I’d like to assume I would also have the money to fill it with wonderful, beautiful things. Who wouldn’t want to look at that (even if it does get a little messy)?!?!

Closet 2

image via Elle Decor

Image via Live Like You


image via Bazaar of Serendipity

Closet 3

image via Pinterest

Closet 4

Image from Decorology

Closet 5

Image via La Dolce Vita

Image via The Decorista



8 thoughts on “decorating // glamorous dressing rooms

  1. I’m in looooove with the ‘closet’ that has a full seating arrangement! Who’s up for tea-time in my dressing room?!! haha

    1. Haha reminds me of that commercial with the women screaming with excitement over the amazing walk-in while the men are screaming over the beer fridge! These spaces are truly Girl Caves!!!

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