decorating // living room

A friend and I were chatting about whether or not she would be able to make dark furniture work in her living room (dark couch, coffee table, bookshelf, etc.). Would it make the place look too dark? Too masculine? I have all white furniture but if I could start over, I’d be inclined to purchase dark pieces – it looks great, plus, washing the couch cover weekly gets tiring with two young kids! White walls, fun art and accessories, prints, and textures can really lighten the place up.

Here’s my inspiration…

1. Domo Floor Lamp from Zone Maison
2. Original Abstract Painting by Veronica Waterfall (contact me for more info)
3. Black and White Fleckled Pillow from Furbish
4. Suzani Pillow from Material Recovery
5. Mongolian Lamb Pillow from West Elm
6. Paulistano Armchair available at Design Within Reach 
7. Kivik Sofa in dark grey from Ikea
8. Bubbles Ceramic Side Table from West Elm
9. Spotted Porcelain Tray from Furbish
10. Pink Second life Rug from Elte
11. Lack Coffee table from Ikea

I think she could convince her man to get a pink carpet… what do you think? Too pink?


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